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Better Call Harry has the story of a Peachtree City family who lost tens of thousands of dollars after they paid their contractor cash for a renovation and he allegedly walked off the job.

The family took their case to court but they’re still fighting for justice

Chris King is an unlicensed contractor. He was a no show in Fayette County court. It’s no a surprise to Mary Beth and Michael Byrnes. The Byrnes are suing King after he was a no show for their basement renovation.

The judge ruled in their favor.

"I’m going to go ahead and sign a default judgment in favor of the plaintiffs in the amount of $15,000," said the judge.

$15,000 is the maximum allowed in small claims. It’s a lot money, but not enough to finish their unfinished basement.

Boots Green Dunlop Green Boots DUK680211 Dunlop Men's Men's DUK680211 Dunlop DUK680211 Men's It was supposed to be an in-law suite for Mary Beth’s mom. Her mom sold her house and moved in, and for the past year, she’s been living in the upstairs bedroom. The Byrnes found King on a neighborhood Facebook page. He completed some of the work, but eventually walked off the job. The Byrnes say they gave him $32,000 in cash.

CBS46 tried to work out a resolution with King back in March, but he claimed the Byrnes owed him money, A demand from a contractor not even licensed in Georgia.

Dunlop Dunlop Green Green Boots Men's DUK680211 DUK680211 Men's Dunlop DUK680211 Men's Boots The Byrnes admit they didn’t do their homework, but they were optimistic after their court victory.

DUK680211 Men's Boots Dunlop Green Green Boots Dunlop DUK680211 DUK680211 Dunlop Men's Men's Even after the judgment, King did not pay. So the Byrnes went back to court where a judge issued a warrant for King’s arrest. King was caught and jailed in Fayette County.

He bonded out and still hasn’t paid.

None of this helps Mary Beth’s mom unless the family can find another $25,000 to finish the job. This retiree’s dreams are gone. This story is the perfect example of why you never pay a contractor up front.

Because the Byrnes have been through so much we want to help. They’ve started a YouCaring page called ‘Please Help Grandma Ann.’

DUK680211 Dunlop Men's DUK680211 Green Men's Men's Dunlop Dunlop Boots Green DUK680211 Boots If you’re having an issue with someone, give us a call at 404-327-3030 or email us at bettercallharry@cbs46.com.

If you would like to help the Byrne family, you can donate here.

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